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ALIAF was established in 1980 as a pioneer and leader in the fiberglass reinforced polyester  industry using the hot press molding process in the GCC region to cater the needs of fiberglass products especially electrical meter boxes, water meter boxes, communications boxes, and there accessories.

ALIAF is a 100% Saudi company having vast experience and investment in the field of fiberglass products and applications with the best quality at a very competitive price

ALIAF is the first company, which introduced this industry in the GCC region and  continues to remain a leader and a symbol of quality.

ALIAF facility is located at the 2nd industrial city in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia over an  area of 30,000 m2 that have the latest equipments and technologies to translate customer requirements & specifications into products of superior quality at a very competitive price starting from concept to product designing, mould/tool designing, production processing, quality control  through inspection and testing and finally the finished product delivery.


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